Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

Thought I’d add my latest experience with my 807/32c/414z OB(open back more so that open baffle).
I’ve been playing with the Joe Roberts idea of a single cap(capacitance) croSS over with the 414 wide open. I started with a 5uf PIO motor run and have slowly worked my way larger (lower crossover fq).

I have a 6.7uf (2950 hz) and a 7.9uf (2550hz) that I can swap between. At 2950, I have a wide, detailed sound stage that isn’t quite ”in the room“. The 414z still seems to dominate...which I like.
At 2550, the horns start to over power the 414. The details are still there, but the sound stage is more center focused and ”in the room“.
Next step was to hit somewhere in between. I put together a 7.2uf (2750hz) and have been blown away since first listened. I’ve been hearing things in familiar songs that I haven’t noticed the guy in the background playing a tambourine.

I can live with this, but have some ideas to “fine” tweak it.