Altec 612C Cabinets -- $300


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Got these for my 604s but decided to use different cabinets.
Just painted Altec battleship grey. Have dents, scratches. Did some patching with Liquid Wood and Wood Epoxy.
15" cutout; designed for Altec 604 drivers but should work with any 15" drivers.
$300Price is firm.
No ship


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lets do a deal!

speaking of deal, i met kim deal too! was watching her opening band and she was cruising around. chatted briefly, mostly about how she thought the drummer was really good (read later that she learned the drums at one point because she couldn't get anyone to play to match that drum sound she had in her head...).

John Frum

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Is this one cut for a 15" or 16"?

Kim walked up to me outside the venue where her sister Kelley's band R. Ring was playing. She paid me a nice compliment and, yes, talked up the opening band.

We used to live in the same neighborhood as Kelley. I think about her every time I use the Dremel accessory kit I bought at her yard sale.