Altec A7-800 Cabinets delivered to your home :-)

Yup, that was me. Probably about 5-7 years ago? I had fallen into one 2-bolt H-808, and just as quickly found a 3-bolt H-808 (or maybe it was the other way around). Anyway, I even went so far as to have my local machine shop make me some brass adapters so I could mount Altec drivers on the Lansing horn and have a "pair". Funny how these things work sometimes, after I had the mismatched pair, a guy gets in touch with me and offers me a clean matched pair of 2-bolt, tar-filled H-808's. Not cheap, but where else you gonna get 'em, right? So I sold the mismatched pair, and kept the clean matched set that I have now.

About maybe 3 years ago (while you guys were sleeping, apparently) a guy had a single 3-bolt one on that auction site, and in his description casually mentioned that he had another one available for the winner. The single went for a very reasonable price, and the buyer bought the other one. He couldn't believe his good fortune. I think he still has them. Not sure if he's on this forum or not.

If what you have is a genuine Lansing H-808 (or even a copy built under license to the same specifications), I'd highly recommend putting it together as a mono system. I've added a little EQ to the HF xover, but other than that, it's all original Altec/Lansing. I love it.
I may have been sleeping three years ago, but I haven’t actually contemplated buying tar filled multicells from America. When factoring in shipping cost to Europe, customs charges, 25 % VAT and other fees (there are always other fees) the price wouldn¨t seem so reasonable anymore.

The H-808 is definitely either a Lansing/Altec Lansing original or a copy made under license by Aga-Baltic. It can’t be anything else. When I got it it had an Aga-Baltic compression driver bolted on to it. This driver was unfortunately heavily corroded inside. When I lifted the diaphragm to check it’s condition the voice coil stayed firmly in the magnet gap. I already have a single JBL 2420 and this is what I will use If and when this project gets off the ground. When it comes to crossovers I must confess to a prejudice against Altec Lansing. Many years ago I tried N501-8As on my Altec VOTTs, then in modified A7-500 form, and they made the sound very dull and uninvolving. I have tried a few other types since, including Marchand line level modules, all much better than the Altec. The best by a clear margin is what I am using now, a first order three way quasi-subtractive series crossover from the French Melaudia forum.