Altec N-500-G crossovers


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My recently-purchased Altec Valencia Model 846As inexplicably had these N-500-G crossovers in them, instead of the original 800Hz crossovers, so I've decided to remove them and use an electronic crossover or a DIY speaker-level crossover. (As discussed in this thread: Valencias!) So these are for sale.

When I removed them I found they are not identical. They both sound the same to me, and have the same size cases with the same labels, but they have different paint colors, and different innards.

One is painted in what looks like the classic Altec hammertone green. it weights about 7 pounds. It looks like this:


And the other one is painted in a slightly darker green without a hammertone finish, and weighs about 4.5 pounds. It looks like this:
I would like to sell both, but I don't want anyone to be misled that they are identical twins. It seems Altec and others of the time often changed things without new model numbers or other indications, and as I said, they sound the same to my ears, but they are obviously different.

Therefore I am open to selling them separately or together.

I am asking $300 each or both for $550 - buyer pays shipping and any fees.

P.S. I also have both of the switchplates on the back of the speaker cabinets, but don't know how to remove them without damaging them, so I'm open to suggestions. (The wires coming out of the hole are for my active crossover biamping experimenting.)IMG_8667.jpg
Please contact me with any questions.