Altec project...near completion

picture are by my cabinet tuning them to my space starting today. I have several different amps to audition with the speakers and to se what sounds best for my situation. It has been a 5 month long wait/project but I love how they turned out
So I have got them in the system now....and they sound exquisite.....very clean and clear highs....and correct bass for most of the jazz I Sonny Rollins....Saxophone Collosus.
They are being driven with my Almarro 318b....a different sound from the Altec Model 14's that I also use. These have a more extended high range.
Next going to try using the 47 Labs Shigareki see how they like that amp.
Also they are extremely efficient


Next Round Is On Me
Not too shabby! Any close-up pics of the front driver area (I like the bevel)? Also like the stilt legs. I went back and forth on adding some to my build. Timeless design!
What are the outside dimensions of the actual boxes without the legs?

I like the look of the legs on the boxes. Unfortunately they wouldn't last long with the pack of little wolverines that live in my house.
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