FS Altec Woofers and Horns

For Sale
I have the following Altec Woofers and Horns available for local pick up in Chattanooga Tennessee. I would be glad to answer any questions or get any other photos if needed. Thanks and Happy New Year!
2: Altec 515b 1000$
2: Altec 416-8a 600$
2: Altec 411-8 600$
2: Altec 414-16c 600$
2 : green 511b 500$
2: 805b with adapter 800$
2: 1005 with adapter 1000$

2: Frazier wood horns 500$
2: JBL 2420 600$
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How about a Friday morning update…the new project will require some additional funds to be completed, so I need to move some other projects along to someone else.

I can do 5000$ for the list below, pick up only in Chattanooga. I can also be available if you wanted to arrange a UShip carrier or other options for pick up. Let me know if you need any additional photos or more details.
2: Altec 515b
2: Altec 416-8a
2: Altec 411-8
2: Altec 414-16c
2 : green 511b
2: 805b with adapter
2: 1005 with adapter

2: Frazier wood horns
2: JBL 2420

I also have a dozen 802/808 drivers available and a few options for crossovers ( n500 n800 n3000 mdl15 GPA19s….)

The bus needs new tires, brakes and fuel systems lol 😂 Thanks again. Tyler
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Any 802’s in 16ohm/black? Asking for a friend. :)
So all my 802/808 ( with tangerine phase plugs) need diaphragms. So technically you can make them 8 or 16ohm.
Hey Tyler, with the JBL price? Do you accept negotiation.
Might be interested just in the JBL
Thanks for the inquiry. Let me give it a few days to see if I can sell as a group lot. I have it also listed locally a couple different places. I’ll reach out if the 2420s are available.