Ampex 807 Monoblocks $2500+ship


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This is a very, very rare pair of Ampex 30W 807 theater monoblocks, model number 6516. While the 6516 in general is quite rare, the units with Peerless power and output transformers are even rarer!

I took in this pair of amplifiers and replaced all the electrical components except for a few wirewound resistors and the ground reference resistors for the heater supply. I used Vishay/Dale resistors in all positions for the driver circuit and Elna bypass capacitors. The power supply capacitors have also been replaced with Nichicon/F&T caps, and I used Audyn Cap-Plus coupling capacitors, which I have grown quite fond of recently. I also moved the power transformer connection from the 110V tap to the 120V tap, which reflects current AC line voltages in the US. I had intended to keep these for myself as some ultimate workshop/garage amplifiers, but my list of R&D projects this year is making me reconsider.

For packaging, these amplifiers were always meant to be mounted in a standard 19" rack. It is a huge mistake to lay them down and let the tubes poke up, as there are a TON of wirewound resistors in these amps that get pretty toasty. Consequently, I mounted each amp in its own shallow depth flight case. I had a custom front and rear panel waterjetted for each amp, and the front panels each have a pair of ammeters to keep an eye on the condition of the 807 output tubes and some extra ventilation. The rear panel features Vampire BFBP binding posts and gold over copper CMC RCA jacks. I've also added an IEC power entry module so removable power cords can be used, and as always I have safety grounded everything!!! These amps can also accept the directly heated HY-69, though this defeats one of the front panel meters in the process. There is also a provision to use either the high or low gain inputs, though the low gain input is recommended under nearly all conditions.

All the tubes in these amplifiers are old stock parts, and I have plenty of spares if you need some. The 807 tetrode is still exceptionally affordable, as are the 5879 pentodes. The 6SN7 is somewhat expensive, but I'm happy to provide a spare pair. The spare tubes and power cords easily be zipped into the storage compartment that's present on one of the two lids of each amplifier. These amplifiers stack and store very easily.

For the asking price I will throw in an extra quad of 807 tubes and a quad of HY-69 tubes.