And so it begins.....

Both need service/repair, but they're here now!


Plan is to create a small rack in the middle of the cabinet for these and power distribution - just wanted to get an idea of what it will look like. I plan to use the 122 for recording and the 112 (cool "B" unit with balanced XLR connections) for playback


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Have you done any recording yet?
Unfortunately, I bought both units knowing they need repair. The 112 has the runaway capstan motor problem (smd caps gone bad) and the 122's transport appears non functional, which I think may just be a fuse - I will need to crack it open.

Both are in line behind the HK330b that i already have parts for.
I also feel a need to clarify that I'm in my early thirties- so I've never had "good" cassette tape gear. When I had tapes I was only in possession of a Walkman with the free haleadphones, and a cheap boombox. My previous recording skills were with that boombox and the FM top hit countdown, lol.

These Tascam purchases all stemmed from when I picked up a few of the old Sports Walkmans and Maxell type II tape with the plan to make some mixtapes for close friends and family and send them with a Walkman for a bit of Christmas nostalgia goodness.

Then I went overboard as I realized no matter what I bought, it will likely need servicing. So why not buy something decent enough with parts availability?

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Nice set! I have the 112MKII myself that needs a little TLC. I have some parts for a 122 that I parted out some time back, let me know if you need anything (other than belts) and I'll see if I still have it.