Any love for Graham Audio speakers?


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I had every intention to purchase a pair of Spendor 3/1 yesterday but was talked into a pair of Graham Audio Chartwell LS6 instead. Not having the ability to hear Spendor or Graham locally it was a bit of a gamble, though the 30-day return policy greatly helps ease the anxiety. I'm hoping to replace my upgraded Audio Note AX-Two but won't be too surprised if the Audio Notes hold their own as their designer has deep roots in the LS3/5A heritage just like the designer of the Chartwell LS6. I'd imagine they're more alike than different. Does anyone have experience with Graham or maybe this exact speaker? Any input is appreciated.


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I love Graham’s. I prefer Harbeth, not because they are better, just my preference. Between Graham and Spendor, it’s a bit of a toss up for me. Really depends on which speaker. I have the Classic 3/1 and the Graham LS6 is every bit their equal, just different. I would have been happy with either. Actually in my tiny listening space my Harbeth P3’s are better than both, they just don’t have the scale of the other two. At the levels I listen they don’t need to. Congrats on your new speakers!
I love my Graham Chartwell LS3/5. I started this journey with a pair of Spendor s3/5’s to sample the British mini monitor sound. I was floored! My next purchase was going to be Harbeth p3esr. I was scouring the used market,and I saw this pair of LS3/5’s. I grabbed them,and never looked back. They are wonderful speakers!