Any thoughts on Audioquest Dragonfly Black?

My son spends most of his work day in front of a computer listening to music on headphones. As far as I know he isn't using any sort of external dac so I was thinking I might look into getting him a Dragonfly Black for his birthday. Unfortunately, t don't know much about them. So, what I'm looking for is input from folks with any experience at all with them, or more generally any of the Dragonflies, or even more generally any budget external dac/amp that might fit the bill.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you might care to offer.

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I have one that I haven't used in a while. Had it plugged into my computer at work. I liked it. Sounded dramatically better then the feed off of my MacBook, and was easy to use. Price was right also. Don't see how you can go wrong with one.
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I also have a black that I use with my work laptop and a pair of Focal Sphear-S. It's a nice combination that I've been enjoying for a little over a year now.