Anybody "modeled" their listening room in the GIK Room Acoustics Visualizer?


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Hi gang... Covid combined with a somewhat-seasonal profession has me with a few extra minutes on my hands. (Anyone? Anyone?)

Considering some solutions to my dead-sounding, over-treated listening room, this tool on the GIK website was suggested to me by a local friend - you can create your listening room via a web-based interface. It's a little "clunky" (I'm running an older MAC and maybe that's the problem) but... it works. The idea is you lay out your listening room, and then you can consult with a GIK salesperson who can recommend the best sound treatment approach/solution for your room. Of course, you don't have to go quite that far if you don't want to (I have not, yet), but it's a handy way to get a "look" at your room. Even better, you can "mock up" a different room or arrangement and see if you might like that better. Additionally, you can add various acoustic treatments, to see what they may "look" like before ordering.

Plan your space in 3D - Room Acoustics Visualizer - GIK Acoustics

I laid out my current listening room here: Roomle Planner

And I've been mulling over a re-arrange of the listening room, which I drafted here: Roomle Planner
Essentially the difference is the removal of 5 (orange) "bookshelves" and re-locating the (beige) system racks from the "right" side wall to the rear/upper-left "alcove", thus opening up the room a bit. (Bigger speakers on the radar? Maybe...)

One drawback is that this tool does not seem to take in to account sloping ceilings. My room was formerly an "attic" that was converted to a housekeeper's quarters waaay back when, and the ceiling up here follows the roofline rather than the standard perpendicular angles. So my virtual rooms are not very-well represented.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes (who doesn't, right now?) give it a try!

Obvious disclaimer: I have no affiliation with GIK, just sharing something I thought might be interesting.


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I did it for my old room, but instead of treating it I moved. lol

It's a very cool free program and if we still lived there I would have probably followed through.
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I wasn't patient enough to complete one of those the last time I attempted it. 😁 But the way my room is, it's not that easy to try and treat it. I have some diffuser/absorber panels on order at the moment to use behind the speakers, but I have no room whatsoever for bass traps or much of anything else. It's a multi-purpose room, so it has to double as my office space and family room. And about 40% of the rear wall opens to the kitchen. I'll probably live with what I have until we relocate.
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I know I'm fortunate to have a dedicated room, such that it is. :) That said, I'm not exactly "unhappy" with it, just maybe have an itch for "What if I actually did it up right?" or something like that. I recently played the "What dream system would fit/work in here?" fantasizing game and oh my the possibilities if I made some room improvements first. Alas, I also need to find a misplaced bag of money...
Mine isn't dedicated, but I have it to myself most of the time, and it's not limited to a single activity. That flexibility works out perfectly for our routine here. It's more a challenge to get it all to coexist comfortably, and compromises are made, but I'm happy with it.
Hey Dave. I have all my bass traps and reflection absorbers in place and now I’m anxious to see how they model.

the room sounds great.