Anyone have experience with early 80s micro systems?


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Have only had the Technics microsystem myself many years ago but the Japanese companies like Hitachi, Akai, Aiwa also made versions. The Technics was decent enough sounding and looked very pretty. If I ever see a local set at a reasonable price I may pick it up again. I like that they are almost futuristic in a 1982 way, if that makes any sense.


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Is the the turntable that @JohnVF had?
I had two of those, yes. Solid, neat, little things, a joy to use. Not the best sounding tables but I wish I'd kept one. I used to just carry it around the house and use it in different systems wherever I'd be. I used them with a OM-30p and the 310mc LOMC cart that originally came with them. They had a head-amp built in!
I’ve used them. Very good, if perhaps not fantastic sound. Some of the components stand out though- the CD players as transports frequently can be good choices, and ditto the tape, DVD and Minidisc components. I’ve opened plenty of full size CD and tape players to find lots of empty real estate in them- consolidating them to smaller packages doesn’t seem an outrageous challenge.

Some of the speakers are pretty nice quality on these too. And some get creative with novelty features like wood coned drivers and other flair- which despite the unique materials I’m convinced we’re partially chosen for aesthetic reasons still perform quite admirably.