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Anyone know where to get a T-pad?

I have an Ocean Digital WR-10 internet radio tuner and its output is so hot, I can only turn it to the second point on my Apt Holman's volume control. It appears I need a T-pad and I know in the distant past, you could buy one assembled. Anyone know of any out there - the input and output impedances are so low, I don't think they need to be matched. A variable one would be even better.
Wouldn't inline attenuators do the same thing? :chin

I think that should do the trick and Parts Express is right down the road from me! Thanks very much!!
One could roll one's own fixed level T-pad, easy-peasy (or, perhaps more grammatically, easily-peasily :confused: :rolleyes: :doh ).

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alternatively -- well -- you know, google? ;)
Thanks for this. However, Olson_jr suggested in-line signal attenuators that take the math out of the situation. I tried figuring out a t-pad and the resistor values required weren't avaialble anywhere I could find. But I do appreciate your message. Thanks!
I have some from Rothwell, in England, that I'm not using. I'd be happy to send you the lot of them and you can experiment. Buy what you like if you want.