Anyone Running a Wood Body Grado?

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Just curious to know how they are working out for you. Most of my Grado experience is with the previous, plastic bodied, Signature line. I did run a platinum for a bit but wasn't blown away, and the Sonata I didn't get enough experience in with.

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I did have a Reference Platinum for a while and liked it very much. It was relatively early in my cartridge evolution/experience and I loved how "sweet" it was. To my ears it was everything the Prestige Gold (that preceded it) was, but better. But I didn't have it on a very good table and it hummed a little more than I was willing to be satisfied with. I think I went to the Nagaoka MP-500 after that and thought at the time it was everything the Ref. Plat. was but better yet - better tracking, quieter (no hum, lower noise floor), and perhaps more "correct" and less "Grado" if that makes any sense. The MP-500 is what I settled on when I did turntable three-card-Monty here recently and ended up with the VPI Scout, and am very pleased.

I should also note that with the Reference Platinum I also had the wood-boxed Grado phono stage and rare Grado phono interconnects, which was a nice trio - obvious synergy, if you're in to that sort of thing. I sold the combo to a local guy who ran a music recording studio and wanted something "hi-fi" when listening to test pressings sent from the plant.

Unfortunately, I have not gone up the Grado line. I'm interested to see what others have to say, too. (And in answer to the thread topic, no I no longer run a wood body Grado.)
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I have, and use on occasion, a Reference Platinum.

Not a bad cartridge at all. A bit "detached" and "polite". One of the items on my 3,682 item "Audio To Do List" is to try the Reference Platinum on the Signet XK50 and Infinity Black Widow II-GF arms. Gut feeling that the oil damping and lower mass of these arms might bring the Reference Platinum to life. :)


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Hopefully 2019 will include a new cart for me, and the Grado Woodies are of some interest - the lower output Statement series in fact. The last version were 0.5mv output, wheras the new v2 versions are 1.0 mv. I wonder if there is a noticeable difference between them.