Arcam R-Series Close-outs

John Frum

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It looks like Arcam put the whole R line out to pasture this spring, and there’s clearance deals to be had, sometimes in weird places.

I got two irDAC-II from a guy on Facebook Marketplace who deals in pallet goods. I flipped one, and now have $75 wrapped up in the other.

I like the DAC very much. It’s a hefty team player that decodes DSD, can be used as a digital preamp, has a remote, and accepts a total of six inputs, including Bluetooth. I believe it sounds better than the Pro-Ject DAC it’s replacing. Fair warning: It’s a 2016-model ESS ES9016 Sabre DAC, and I have no idea how it would hang with, say, a Topping D50s.

I noticed this week that the recently-$750 irDAC-II is on sale at Music Direct right now for $375.

There’s deals on the rest of the line, too. When I saw the well-reviewed (and usually $600) rPhono being blown out for $300, I bit. We’ll see how that plays out soon - free next day delivery to Ohio and zero interest for six months.

Just a heads-up. No affiliation.
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