Are many people on this forum interested in "New Age" Music?

I was wondering if there were any fans of New Age music here..

Labels such as Windham Hill, Coda etc

Artists....Terry Oldfield , Rick Wakeman, Medwin Goodall , ..........?

There are some great recordings within this field, great pressings and wonderful pressings/


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Been listening to "Music from the Hearts of Space" radio show since about the mid 80s.

So, yep. It helped me unwind after those 80-100 hour Chef's workweeks for a couple of decades. It was perfect given Mondays were my typical light duty "day off" - I only had to do my beginning of the week ordering, and wouldn't go in until about noon.

Unfortunately, "my wife the baker" has typical baker sleep hours (she's in bed between ~6:30-7pm and ~12:30-1am) that have prevented me from listening to the show on a regular basis for about the last 9 or 10 years.


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I am not a fan, especially as my wife loves & plays much of it.

I can say that I still enjoy Brian Eno's stuff on a nice stereo, my wife likes the Eno recordings with Harold Budd and Daniel Lanois.


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I love Eno's ambient works. If that counts, I'm pretty deep down that rabbit hole. I actually liked new age when I was younger, I used to paint with it playing in the background. It was great for getting me in a different headspace. Kind of odd as otherwise I was into post punk, etc.


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Huge Michael Hedges fan. He truly invented a whole new way to approach the acoustic guitar. I was lucky enough to see him live one time. Also back in the day, a friend sort of dragged me to see Swiss harp/koto player Andreas Vollenweider live with a full band. I’d never heard of him, and didn’t really know what to expect. The show was in a great sounding concert venue; the music and sound were both remarkable. I’ve managed to find pristine copies of several Vollenweider albums, and sonically they’re very good too.
Beyond those two, ambient Eno is about the only other thing I listen to that might qualify as New Age.


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"new age" has an image problem. wallpaper music? can be perceived as both bland AND pretentious. i'd always thought of "ambient" - such as those eno's - as being separate from new age. but maybe it is part of the general genre of slow low key music. and some of the super slow techno seems to blend in there too. oldfleld,wakeman now we're verging into prog, are we not?


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I got acupuncture once and I had to lay on this table for 30 minutes with a bunch of needles sticking out of me while asian themed new age music played in the background. I remember thinking that I should lay on my back and listen to asian new age music more often. After it was over I felt like a completely different person. If you've seen Office Space, I felt like Ron Livingston's character after he gets stuck in hypnosis.


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A little bit of Enya (I'm of the right age that her first two albums dropped when I was in college) and a guy from Oregon named John Nilsen who has been classified as new age, although I'm not sure he'd agree.


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A favorite of mine, that led me down the "slippery slope", was Paul Winter's Canyon. It was released in 1985...hard to believe it was that long ago! 🤯

A video of the excursion was done as well, and I recommend watching it, if you can still find it.