as seen at AA (audioasylum, that is) -- links to photos from THE Show 2019

Nice pictures - thanks for the link.
I was in Los Angeles during the weekend of T.H.E. Show and popped in Sunday for a few hours. The room with all the Altecs was run by a fellow by the name of Branko Atanackovic, who sells the speakers on ebay under the user name sudz99. The speakers looked great, except perhaps for the color choice on the horns, but didn't sound particularly good. But I don't read too much into that - most systems don't sound particularly good at audio shows. There were too many big Altecs packed into such a small room - just not enough room for them to breath.
The rooms that did sound good tended to have small speakers which were a better match for the small rooms. Or they were mega-systems with huge rooms and budgets to match.
One of my favorites was a small 2-way by a company called Wavetouch, that didn't get much attention. It was almost a DIY kind of system by a Korean American gentleman from Los Angeles. Nice plywood cabinets, good woofers (5 1/2" Scanspeak?) and an AMT tweeter and some weird diffusers. Electronics were from a Korean company by the name of Bakoon. Sounded great.


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I was in LA during this time but didn’t go. I’m just not into audio shows.

That Sony reel to reel is pretty, though.


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That dude messaged me a long time ago about how my 511's were mounted on top of my Onkens when I got them and I sent him pictures. He's using the same ceiling flanges and all-thread and threaded shackle things as how mine were. I didn't do it, don't know if it's common practice, but I hadn't seen it before I got the Onks. Wonder if he got the idea for the colored horns from my Klipsch that I had done with bright orange horns years ago? Maybe he follows my insta.

I just stole the idea from Avant Garde.

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