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Atlanta Area Members

I'm thinking it's more likely to be Vegas for us rather than Atlanta. Atlanta prices still going up (3.5% year-over-year) while Vegas prices are down 7% from 2022 peak. I read a lot of research and Atlanta has been flagged as the most over-valued real estate market in the country. Vegas will be a bear of a move from Florida. but I work in the gambling space and I like the fact that Vegas is a melting pot. It should also be a good job market for my son and that's a key factor in all of this. We shall see, but I'm disappointed with the way things worked out with our Atlanta house search.
Well, I'm hoping the search is over as we are under contract to purchase a property in Cumming, GA. We were actually under contract 10 days ago to buy a different house in Woodstock, GA, but the inspection report on that house turned out to be very bad. We're going to close early September and move in some time in October. In between, I have to schedule a move for my equipment. I'm going to have to thin the herd a little before then because some of it would be hard to move into place in the new house. I won't be able to set it all up once I get there, but there should be enough space for at least 3 systems.

Looking forward to becoming a part of the Atlanta audiophile scene. Anyone local please feel free to DM me introducing yourselves.

Closing on my new home (well, new to me) this Thursday 8/31. We're going to do an early move late September to bring up my gear and will do a full household move in mid-October. Anyone in the vicinity that wants to introduce him or herself drop me a DM or e-mail (ihmeyers19@yahoo.com). I'm hoping there is some Atlanta area audiophile group because the only audiophiles I know are remote through the interwebs.
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After a number of delays, finally moving tomorrow. My gear has been there for more than a month while renovation team worked but hasn't been set up because I was there for only 1.5 days when the equipment was unloaded. Music room and home theater virtually finished with installation of the doors.

Will take some time to get it all hooked up, but any audiophile in Atlanta area interested in chatting just DM me.


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That's exciting for sure.

In case anyone is wondering...I went with a TV instead of a projector because the seller only left room for a 90" screen. That's what was there along with a 720P projector from 2011. My installer said he could have modified the paneled wall for a bigger screen and a projector but it was a lot more money. We installed a really nice SONY 85". I wanted a 95" set which we could have accommodated but really good 85" sets are about $3500 and good 95" ones are about $8k. Plus, I'm out of money :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
Sorry to be so late to this party, but welcome to the area. Your experience with real estate in the area is not unusual. It has been a sellers' market for years and is often very silly in all the wrong ways.

Cumming is nice. I lived there many years ago. I now am located in Hall County which is not terribly distant from Forsyth County. There used to be a audiophile club in Canton, and there are some very nice, small independent hi-fi shops in the northern areas.
@ihmeyers Hello. We have resided in the Alpharetta/Cumming area since 2001. Hopefully we can touch base in the near future.
I'd love to touch base with local audiophiles either virtually or in-person.

We moved in officially 10/25. Still not fully set-up. System 2, my 211 amps in small room was 90% setup and then we brought in electricians to add in-ceiling lights because there wasn't enough light in that room. Upshot is we had to partially dismantle it yesterday.

Good news is the main music room is going to be much better than I thought. I got to listen for an hr yesterday to just the mains (Hansen Prince). RELS not set up yet. New Esoteric play (N-05XD) sounds really nice though it will need to warm up for a few days.

Bad news is there is a leak coming from somewhere in the ceiling. It's intermittent (been wet twice in the 10 days we've been here), but an area in that room was pretty damp today. I've got plumbers and HVAC guys coming tomorrow to troubleshoot it. Unfortunately, there's a lot wrong with this house that the seller never disclosed (had to buy a new refrigerator last week). I'm hoping this isn't a big/expensive fix.

Not the best photos, but Room 1 (setting up) and Room 2 amp being biased.



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