Atlantic 75 - The Historic Reissue Series from Analogue Productions

I do now see there are liner notes on the mastering and tape sources listed for the 45rpm 180g LP versions of the above two recently released Yes titles.

Both were mastered by Kevin Gray at CoHEARant, The Yes Album from the original analog master tape, and 90125 from a 1/2" analog tape copy. Why that information is missing from the web description for the SACDs is unclear, probably just an oversight.
I did pick up the 45 RPM Dr. John In The Right Place. It's not some long-lost audiophile masterpiece, but it's a fun listen. And nicely presented at 45 RPM. I may get another one or two of the Dr. John titles as they come out. I think (?) Dr. John's Gumbo might be next in line.

It's not in the Atlantic 75 series, but War's Greatest Hits is another of those sets that has been a lot of fun to listen to. And a pleasant surprise is how good some of those tracks sound.