August SMAC

I'm seeing GIK Acoustics treatments behind (?) the speakers. Same "leafy" design here, but 2x2 and hunter green cloth.
I'm glad someone took some pictures. When I got home I thought "Damn, forgot to take any pics." I guess that's a testament to the good music and conversation yesterday. Either that or my old age. ;)

Yep, Dynaudio Evidence Temptations in the big room. I thought they sounded quite good. And a nice pair of Dynaudio active speakers out on the deck synced up with the music playing in the main system.

And a nice theater system downstairs with a memorable Lady Gaga live show (nice leatherware - but no pics) when I stepped in for a quick listen.
Dug up one of Cesar's old notes that indicated that the monoblock amps were Schlit Vidars. I believe he said that the system has not changed since this?

Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers paired with a pair of Schiit Vidar monoblocks (very cost effective), Schiit Freya + tube preamp . Bluesound Node streamer with Topping D70 DAC, and a Marantz TT15 turntable with Hana SL cartridge, paired with my Clearaudio Nano phono box.