AXPONA 2022 - April 22-24


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@DC Damn, I hope you get better quickly.

Interesting that the tone of your post is somewhat like Avanti's show summation.

I do find it a bit crazy that you didn't even come back with some new music or a Bot story. :rolleyes:

Prologue and summary.

A very well-attended well-run show that from people I talked with exceeded expectations.
Personally, I have realized that my own system while not comparatively extravagant has been honed and crafted over the last 10 years to give me the presentation of sound that I most enjoy.
Based on what I heard I may investigate making some changes but this year's show kind of jumped the shark for me and it will likely be the last one I go to.
The rooms seemed a little more cramped than usual, a little darker given the cloudy rainy day.
A balance between the big ballroom and the cramped resident rooms would be a welcome change but difficult to accomplish.
Still there were plenty of sights and sounds for the music and audio fan and it was an overwhelming relief to be rid of the infectious burdens of the previous two years.
Enjoy your music and go in peace.

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@DC get better soon Don. I didn’t get there until Sunday and also with no real plan other than wandering around until I found something I liked. There weren’t very many people when I arrived, right at opening. I walked around just a little with no mask but masked up fairly quickly and wore it until I couldn’t stand it anymore, then left around 1:30ish. I avoided ALL of the crowed rooms even though I was interested. Fingers crossed on the COVID. I finally got to listen to a couple of speakers I’ve never had the opportunity to hear, one being a real LS 3/5a, Falcons. WOW! The other being the MBL omnidirectional, again WOW!
Attached a few pictures of standouts. Audio Notes were a little boomy though, a disappointment. I think I’m with you on future shows, they are beginning to look very, very similar. I did not like the HUGE horns.

The Sonner were amazing for a 2.5 two way. The tiny Mons likewise.
I'll add some things.

The show had a different vibe this year... very different. In years past, its been more of a 'come and see' show vs. this year where it was a 'come and buy' show. Capital has that vibe, but I've never felt it at AXPONA. Thankfully, it looks like I should generate enough revenue to offset the costs of the show and then some.

Shows are hard. Real hard. Like, go into a room with nothing to work with and certain horrible aspects (credenza) that you just cannot do anything with and try to generate a fun, good sounding experience for anyone who walks into the room, anywhere in the room. Not only that, but as more bodies enter the room, the sound changes. Even the fact that the chairs you sit in are dining chairs vs. sitting chairs make a HUGE difference in presentation - they sit about 3-4" higher than normal. Your gear is all cold as well and takes a few days just to reach a proper temperature to sound 'right'. Between the gear settling in and adjustments made during 'off hours', Sunday really is the day to revisit rooms. I still wasn't firing on all cylinders on Sunday, but it was a major improvement over Friday and Saturday. It was about 5:00 PM on Saturday where I was sitting in the listening area and something just clicked. After that, it was good music the rest of the show.

I realized I was just a few tools short of really being able to handle the room. I had things to work with, but I could have used about four more units to deal with some imaging-killing energy. You don't expect the same sound you get at home, but you do your best to get there. I am proud of the sound I produced because of that. I think attendees who go into these shows expecting these systems to annihilate what they have at home are going in with the wrong attitude, but I didn't get too much of those vibes this year. Overall, I was very happy with the attendees. In the past I've run into those guys who are just jaded, but I can't recall that happening this year once.

Coverage of my room has been low thus far, but Marc Phillips of PartTimeAudiophile did just release a synopsis of the room and his experience. He visited Friday - I do wish he could have returned on Sunday, but I'm glad he made it period. Some BIG names dropped into the room as well and were very pleased. Luckily they came in Sunday. I am hoping they do a small show report for obvious reasons.

Part Time Audiophile - Audio Thesis, Norma and Rosso Fiorentino - AXPONA 2022


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In this morning’s Audiogon Insider Newsletter was an AXPONA recap from “Audiohead” who had a nice comment about the “stunning [Rosso/Norma] combination” in the Audio Thesis room:

DC & Covid

I hope your shots hold tight and your symptoms remain mild. Thanks for the pics and comments.
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@DC It was great meeting you at the show. I wish I had more time to mingle or I had caught you at a slower moment. The room rarely sat empty, even on Sunday. I wanted to stop you a few times seeing you down in the lobby area but I was still 'on the clock', so to speak.