I probably have to go. 😐 (Long story.) But nonetheless, if anyone else wants to join up and compare notes, or hang out before/during/after (I tend to meet at or near a specific room during the show), let us all know here. I was only able to go for a single day last year (had a rally out west that I had to depart for a week and a half later), but I may be in it for two or three days this year.

Anyone else planning on attending?
I will probably go this year. Would be good to meet some folks. I’m not 100% but I think I’ll do it (audio shows aren’t my thing but I’m curious about what’s current).
As a visitor, I go just as much for meeting up with friends and acquaintances as I do looking at some of the equipment. I'm on a mission this year to seek out budget gear that all of us can afford, so that will be an interesting angle. I always have a couple of exhibitors whose rooms I enjoy visiting as well.

But I'd better get to finding a room ASAP since prices have escalated substantially near the convention center. The room I used to get at the Springhill Suites across I-90 that used to be $90-ish with AAA discount is now $140 and up. And that was last year. The hotel I chose last year was OK but a bit long in the tooth. I prefer a Wyndham property but there are no suitable ones near the convention center.
Got my show pass for the long weekend. Looking at hotels later today. Chances of my making the show, though, are maybe 50-60% at the moment--my better half may have to move up surgery and that might decide whether or not I go.
Regardless of whether or not I make it, I found a room at the Wingate on Remington Rd. in Schaumburg. 2.8 miles from the Renaissance. Beats the dumpy Hilton I was in last year, but I had to use some of my Wyndham points to cover it. Still with tax it's over $100/night. 🙄

I'm done with Marriott--they've gone from "inflation" to "price gouging." The Springhill Suites right across I-90 now lists $224/night with AAA discount. Or I can prepay (stupid idea) for $201/night. I paid $90-something back in 2019 (about $120/night with taxes). F**k Marriott.
Hey buddy I will not be at the show, but wishing you the best of luck with logistics.

More importantly, hope your S/O is doing alright and surgery is successful
I've never been to a show... but every year I tell myself I need to attend to get exposure to what's out there. Right now I'm 50/50, but will probably decide in mid March.
I was hoping to hear Volti speakers to compare them to my Altec's... but Volti is not attending.
I was hoping to hear Volti speakers to compare them to my Altec's... but Volti is not attending.
That's interesting, since they've been at shows in the past, and AXPONA has become one of the largest shows. I think some of the smaller companies are sitting it out due to cost.
Volti's website says he's cutting back to two shows a year. Greg (owner) is 60, business is strong and he has no ambitions of getting too big to manage beyond what it is today.
Just got another press release.


(Schaumburg, IL March, 2024) - - AXPONA (Audio Expo North America), the largest consumer audio show in North America, returns to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel April 12-14. The show attracts nearly 300 exhibitors featuring 700 brands coming from 40 different countries including dozens of first-time exhibitors making their debut at the 2024 show.

AXPONA is the place where manufacturers, distributors and dealers unveil their latest offerings, in a wide variety of price points and mediums.

The following is a sampling of first-time exhibitors that will be at AXPONA 2024, representing a number of product categories including Speakers, Cables, Headphones, Vinyl, and more: Altitude Audio, Austin Audio Works, Balanced Audio Technology, BCW Suppliers, Belleson, Brodmann Acoustics by Arceau Arts GmbH , Concierge Audio , DeVore Fidelity, Diptyque, Falcon Acoustics, For the Record Vinyl, Harmonia Distribution, Heaven 11 Audio, Jamie Audio, Johnny G Collectibles, MACO, Metaxas & Sins, Morel, Myriad Magnetic , Notable Audio, Perfect8 Technologies, Paducah Home Theater, PictureSleeve45s, Record Wonderland, REVO US, Rhythm Distribution, RTM Industries SAS, Sierra Sound, Sparkos Labs, Starke Sound, Steinway Lyngdorf, Stereo Integrity, Supatrac, Tom Christiansen Audio, Tone Imports, Totem Acoustic, and Vinyl Sound USA , .

“AXPONA is a great event with knowledgeable customers who appreciate high quality records! We can't wait check out some great equipment too,” said Steve Young, Record Wonderland.

“The greatest value of exhibiting at AXPONA as a manufacturer is the opportunity to meet face-to-face in person with our end users. Starke Sound looks forward to shaking hands, talking, and, most importantly, listening to the attendees to get to know them on a more personal level so we can improve our products and satisfy their needs,” said Scott DeLoache, Starke Sound Inc.

"Sierra Sound is a distributor of products such as Benz Micro phonograph cartridges and AMG turntables, who will be introducing a new model at AXPONA. We want to use our exhibit room to highlight our strict focus on analog audio with a multi-source vinyl-only selection of music, including some material outside the realm of traditional audiophile music. We hope to connect with analog lovers of all stripes, to share our love of this wonderful medium,” said Michael Fajen, Sierra Sound.

“We decided to join the exhibitors at AXPONA because we sell high quality vinyl, original pressings, and people who invest in high end audio equipment look for that. We especially have a large selection of Japanese Pressings, they are known for their quality,” said Geert Jonckers, PictureSleeve45s.

"Even before starting our company, MACO™, we had the goal to one day present at the biggest audio show in North America. Two years after being established, here we are. It's been quite a ride, and we couldn't be happier!,” said Deborah Ann, MACO Acoustics.

“Johnny G Collectibles thinks being a vinyl exhibitor at AXPONA is a great way to expand our business. We look forward to meeting the attendees,” said John Grzegorczyk, Johnny G Collectibles.

Returning exhibitors include Bowers & Wilkins, DALI, Estelon, Focal Naim North America, Geshelli Labs, Legacy Audio, Luxman, Magico, Quintessence Audio, Sennheiser, SOTA, Stenheim, Vinnie Rossi, and YG Acoustics, among others.

In addition to incredible new products debuting at AXPONA, the show also features three jam-packed days of incredible sounds, technology, and presentations. AXPONA’s state-of-the-art venue will feature 200 Listening Rooms, an Expo Hall featuring the ever-popular Record Fair and Master Class Theater, a dedicated Ear Gear Experience featuring the best of the best headphone gear, a robust Seminar schedule, and Live Music nightly.

Open to the public, AXPONA offers a variety of ticket options for attendees.

1 Day - $28 online, $35 onsite
2 Day - $47 online, $65 onsite
3 Day - $55 online, $95 onsite
Gold Pass -$150 online
Gen Z Pass - $10

All general admission tickets grant access to the exhibits including Listening Rooms and Exhibit Hall, as well as educational seminars, live music, and special events.

AXPONA opens Friday, April 12 10am-6pm; Saturday, April 13 10am-6pm; and Sunday, April 14 10am-4pm.

For more information on ticketing and ticketing options, please visit


AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) is North America’s largest event for audiophiles, manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, musicians and music lovers. The three-day experience features 200 high fidelity listening rooms, providing guests the enviable opportunity to experience the newest technology in high-end consumer audio products. Attendees are encouraged to go from room to room and sit, listen and compare the various systems. The Expo Hall and Ear Gear Experience play host to thousands of products and accessories from cables to headphones to LPs and SACDs. Beyond the exhibits, AXPONA includes live musical performances and educational seminars with industry experts and demonstrations.

For more information including updates on AXPONA’s exhibitors and schedule, visit call 203-307-2691.
Last call!

Next weekend is AXPONA. Looks like no locals are attending (although if I recognize ya, of course I'll stop to say "hello" 😁...and likewise, if you see me running by in a flash, don't hesitate to grab a shirttail and get my attention).

Still leaning towards going; due to health issues in the family though, if something comes up last minute, I'm staying put. Otherwise, I planned on arriving Friday after lunchtime, and might decide to stay over on Sunday night (as our editor is staying over, and we may want to hang out and catch up). If not, I depart around 1pm Sunday.

My plan of attack usually is to head to the top and work my way down, as the elevator situation is terrible at the Renaissance. There are two sets of stairs down to the next level, so it makes navigating the show that much easier.
It’s looking like if I go at all it’ll have to be Sunday. I’m supposed to go as I promised some friends who are vendors that I would but I have something else planned n Saturday. Friday …would depend on work.

Can you tell I love audio shows? /s
Can you tell I love audio shows? /s
Honestly I'm not all that enthused either. BUT...I get to meet up with some of my Chicago pals, and two other pals are flying in from other parts of the country to take part. (We may do dinner one of those nights.) And there are some industry acquaintances I like to check in with, along with some after-hours events I usually miss out on.

I'm also going with a mission (content for an article or two), so at least I'm not aimlessly wandering the halls and cussing about a $100k power cord I saw on some million-dollar system somewhere at the show.

I usually try to get there before the show opens, so I can get a parking spot.
Don't miss the Vinnie Rossi room...dude has amazing skills....
We're spread thin, but I'm sure that room will be along my path somewhere. The show has grown so much that even a team of three can't give it full coverage.

I am looking forward to Saturday, as Kevin Gray is giving a talk in the Linkwitz room (seems to be press-only, unfortunately, unless they have standing room only for other guests--we had to RSVP to guarantee seats). I may record the audio of his talk if allowed, as my memory isn't good and it's easy to forget things.

A few days after the show, I'll probably have my notes in order and can post some highlights here.

@240sx4u did you decide to go this year?
Too bad I didn’t decide on going this year. I would have loved to hear the Fyne Classics and talk with the old Tannoy crew. Oh well….
I'm sicker than a dog unfortunately, so I don't think I will be attending the show.
I'll be there Fri around 10:00 & expect to spend the day. Have not been before so looking forward to it.
I suppose I'll need to pre plan the rooms I want to visit.
I'll be there Fri around 10:00 & expect to spend the day. Have not been before so looking forward to it.
I suppose I'll need to pre plan the rooms I want to visit.
There is an overwhelming amount to see. It's great that the show has grown but on the other hand, it's hard for those who want to see just a handful of specific products or rooms. I haven't looked yet, but I'm hoping there is a map of the rooms and exhibitors. I'll be planning a top-down route so I can avoid the elevators as much as possible.