AXPONA Chicago April 12-14, 2019

One concern I'm having is the timing of AXPONA this year. That time of the year is very busy for shows as it stands, and the rescheduled AXPONA comes about six-ish weeks after the rescheduled Munich show, three weeks after RMAF, and a week prior to Capital Audio Fest (DC) and another show overseas the following week. Others are also crammed in the late third and fourth quarters of the year. Exhibitors will have to choose which of these shows they wish to attend, and some (possibly all) are going to be shortchanged. They can't afford the money or resources to do all of them in that short of a time span. There will also be lingering COVID concerns, despite most (?) show attendees being vaccinated by that point.

The only sad advantage to AXPONA is that since JD Events botched the deal and wouldn't give refunds, manufacturers were given a 50% credit towards 2021, and 25% each towards the following two years. So some of them are pretty much forced to appear at the show in some form or other, or (likely) forfeit their fees. This is what exhibitors dealt with last year. And Bill Leebens contributed this list of 2021's schedule.


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Hey @DC . Thoughts on Axpona? You've been a big booster/attendee and I'm wondering about your perspective?

I want to, just because, but need to see how "things" appear to be progressing later this spring/summer. I'm a little too young and healthy (har) to qualify for the vaccine just yet, and that's not the entire answer, of course. So, I'm in wait-and-see mode...
Do I have to load up with "antiseptic" (aka Manhattan fixin's) and drive it out there to ensure a safe HiFi show? 😁