Baby steps - first attempt at Youtube video - minidsp

Quick vid about getting started with the minidsp PWR-ICE 125/250 two channel plate amps with integral digital signal processing.

Making videos is probably not the sharpest tool in my box - but have a look and kick some dirt. Thanks!

Am hoping to get more into the details on how to properly set up a crossover in a later try.
Thanks, Pat. Your video doesn't look like a first attempt to me at all. Well done. I had to watch it twice to catch everything, mostly because many of the terms were new to me. While balancing a crossover still seams complicated, it doesn't seem like alchemy anymore. I think I can finally see the science behind it. Not saying I could do it, but I think I sorta get it now.

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Thanks Pat. Very informative and interesting video. If I could make one suggestion, if you are comfortable with it, having you on screen at least to start and end the video would help personalize it a lot.

It really is the wave of the future. Having fiddled with crossover parts for ages, this approach is so clean and so easy, it's mind-blowing.


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Seriously great video. Thanks!

I'm curious. You show a speaker that uses the SB Acoustics beryllium tweeter. How do you like this driver?
Sorry for the slow reply, we were away on vacay.

The Satori TW29B-B has just stunned us. We were pretty confident that nothing could touch the Mundorf AMTs we've been using. Then one of our audio industry pals asked us to make that two-way as custom job. What a surprise.

You know, the tweeter "illuminates" the midrange and even the smallest artifact will show up in the vocal range as grain or distance or veil. In this regard the Satori is drop-dead beautiful. In that speaker we got a midrange that I did not think possible in a two-way.

That Satori woofer is no joke either.
That vid was aimed at the DIY crowd where the next generation of designers is learning the art. I got help from the old I AM an old goat, so it's my turn.

We are planning to do setup instructional vids for buyers of our finished product at two levels. One or two for the less techy guys who just want to hook up and maybe try the PEQ and another couple for the more adventurous guys with full range systems who want to finely manage their low frequency performance.

DSP is a powerful and fun tool. You can fool around all you want, totally make a mess of things, then "hit reset" and return to the factory settings. For guys who want to learn filter design, I imagine them learning much more quickly than back in the days of capacitors, inductors and resistors. First, you had to have a big library of those parts, then you had to trot back and forth swapping parts, clipping clip leads then swapping CDs in and out of the player. Then you'd forget which combination sounded best, get fatigued and start chasing your tail. It was not easy and sometimes took weeks and weeks. By comparison the new way is a breeze. It can still take a while but at least, now, it's a fun process.

Here's a joke-pic of me, age 45, holding an InfiniCap and failing repeatedly to hit the target on the Blue Heron crossover:


The green tea towels were there because my wife didn't appreciate overheating resistors melting into the carpet.