Back-up Generator


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I'm not sure I agree with you as far as whole house generators are concerned. ALL of our computerized appliances are always plugged into the house wiring and seem happy for the 6 day stretch of power outage. The TVs and router seemed fine and the computers kept on adding ones and zeros. My system played fine as well. I do not know if the Generac brand generator is inverter style but I sort of doubt it.


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I have two generators here, a big 6000 watt one and a wee portable Honda, both with carburetor issues I need to address. I also need to install a few of the male outlet boxes I bought years ago to act as pass throughs to the basement kitchen and family room to reduce having extension cords all over the place. Male on the outside and a dedicated inside outlet to feed would be fine as I don't have a transfer switchbox, nor intend to install one.