Beauty in a Vacuum: Tube pics and close-ups


Ever marvel at the beauty of a tube bottle? Or wonder at the intricate structures within? How about a thread to highlight the craftsmanship and artisanal qualities of these ethereal devices that we love?

Let’s see your pictures and close-ups of vacuum tubes for tubes’ sake (not so much the amps and equipment they’re put in). Original content would be nice.

I’ll start things off with this old globe RCA 46



And do those globe tubes sound ah, any different.
Different, yes. But whether it's the kind of different you're looking for might be hard to say. I feel like the globes offer a fuller, more open sound in the midrange. I'd hate to use the word ethereal too much so I won't, but it's one of the words that comes to mind. Some people think it comes at the expense of a little top end sparkle, but that hasn't been my experience. It makes sense to me that globes might be more prone to harmonics, with their more fragile structure than the ST shaped tubes; if it's harmonics I'm hearing, I'm okay with that!


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well, I was gonna post a photo of the single Arcturus Blue 27 (sounds like a Jimmie Rogers song!) but @Redboy already way outclassed the image I have hanging around.

I'll snap a few piccies anon, I promise -- not really many hubba-hubba sexy tubes here, unfortunately.

Maybe a well-worn 6BK4 or 6JE6 shot... ;)