Been Here A While


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I joined this forum a while ago and never noticed this segment of the party.

I live near a few of these guys: PunkerX, Jeff Mathers, DonC, OlsonJr and probably a few more.

I have two systems, one is the "Breezeway" system that doesn't change much.
Speakers: Salk HT-2TLs
Speaker Cables: DIY Canare 411 Star-Quad
Interconnects: DIY shielded twisted pair and VH Audio fine silver helical designs
Amplification: Bob Latino ST-120 (my first foray into building something)
Pre-amp: Wright WLA-12a
Phono-Stage: DIY Hypno-Toad AD797 built in full dual-mono.
Tonearm: SME-V
Cart: Benz Glider SH
CD Player: Arcam CD-23
Tuner: Kenwood 6500

The Dungeon system is in the basement and is always in "flux". No, not the soldering kind!
Speakers: Heath Kit AS-21s full of Altec goodness
Crossovers are DIY outboard clones of the Altec N800-F built in bamboo boxes from BB&B
Speaker Cables: Transparent Audio somethings
Interconnects: DIY shielded twisted pair and VH Audio fine silver helical designs as well as his V-Twist from pre-amp to amp. Cartridge wired with one run from clips to RCAs
Amplification: DIY 300Bs (Parts compiled by Min and the schematic Radiotron SE2A3)
Pre-amp: Cary SLP-98 F-1
TT: VPI TNT MK-6 W/SDS, aluminum platter dual motor w/flywheel
Tonearm: HW custom 12 gimbaled 3D arm I still have my Terminator T-3 that I can't seem to let go.
Cart: Ortofon Jubilee
Phono-Stage: K&K Maxxed-Out
CD Player: Arcam Alpha 9
Tuner: Realistic TM-1001
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It's hard to beat the HypnoToad AD797 board for high-quality MC playback at the price. Nice systems!


Very much can someone please lay off a used one for a good price lol

Welcome aboard @Wntrmute2 you say you been here for a while already come on man let’s see some piccies :smoke


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Pics: Breezeway
That's Clark the black hole.

His brother Lewis is on the couch

Guts of the AD-797 or whatever it is called these days.

The Dungeon where endless experiments occur. Some good, some-not-so-much.


The 300bs and one of the outboard crossovers. SC-150s for backup.

Mostly jazz

Glamour shot!