Bell's Palsy

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So a week and a half ago my wife and I were driving back from our cabin when I started experiencing a headache from the top left of my head, around the eye socket, the ear, and down to the jaw. It would last for several minutes and then come and go. Wednesday of last week I started to notice diminished facial muscle movement and by Wednesday evening the left side of my mouth started to droop and my left eye didn't want to blink anymore. Went to see my doctor the next day (already expecting the diagnosis) and he confirmed that it was indeed Bell's Palsy.

I had this once before 40 years ago in my early 20's but I don't remember that my recovery then was as slow as it has been this time around but it would seem that my current recovery is not out of the norm according to my research. Yesterday, a week after the initial onset, I started to regain some minor muscle movement around the left side of my mouth where I could actually start to form a smile. My eye doesn't itch as much and there is some hint of eye blinking coming back. So I feel good about that since what I have read out there it can be at least 3 weeks from initial onset to getting facial movement back to some degree.

My doctor prescribed Prednisone and an anti-viral drug which is a typical approach to treating Bell's Palsy. Last night I could hardly sleep as the outer area of my ear gave me a lot of pain as if it was on fire. Very similar to what your ear feels like if you sleep with your ear folded over for too long. Only this shit did not want to quit. What is interesting is that my ear doesn't seem to give me much pain when I am up and about but rears it's ugly head when I lay down to go to sleep. If this happens again tonight I am going to try sleeping in the recliner.

Anybody else experience Bell's Palsy and how did it go for you?


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I woke up one morning, probably 40+ years ago, looked in the mirror and saw the entire left side of my face drooping. There wasn’t any pain, just sheer fright. Off to the doctor who identified my condition as a Bell’s palsy but no prescription. He said it probably would go away on its own, which it did, but slowly. There was slow healing, probably about three or four months before I “looked” normal but several years before it felt almost normal.

But to this day, I can still feel a small amount of weakness around my eye and upper left corner of my mouth/lip. Does your doctor say why you are experiencing this again! I think about it sometimes.


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My cousin had it in his Senior year of high school. Unfortunately, he was a trumpeter and it completely ruined his embouchure. :(

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My friend had this condition and it lasted 3 years! He is in good shape and doesn't smoke and eats well. He is a teacher in a more stressful job and Stress is a killer. I read that it is caused by a viral infection like herpes but 90% of the population has some variation of herpes so I kind of feel that is a lazy diagnosis since many people have this and don't have Bell's Palsy. For most people, it goes away in a couple of weeks from what I read so at least that's a positive.