Best blogs of the audio underground

I believe the text mentions that the swinging choke in the P/S probably weighs as much as a modern receiver.
We're trying to cajole Someone We Know into slappin' one together ;)
古典音響。墾丁大腳牛教練 -"
Classical sound. Kenting Bigfoot Bulls Coach"

I just came accross this one! i must have saved a while back, chrome automatically translates it, i was looking for a blog that has some 2a3 schematics on, i distictly remember it had a lot of western electric as well as Brookes brother's stuff on it (ring a bell to anyone?)


Post Whore In Training
Ohh I have one I stumbled upon today and hope someone decides to tackle a project or two listed on there. He’d be a good addition to the Haven family too!

Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages
I've tackled several of his projects - here are a few I've posted about:

Yet another amp build...
New DIY USB PSU for Raspberry Pi
Buzz's intepretation of Pete Millet's Starving Student Headphone Amp
Pete Millett's Engineers Amp

Pete's a great guy - he's helped me out on several occasions with odd questions.