Best Carpet For Taming Room?

Prime Minister

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My new listening is a combo of bare walls, floor to ceiling glass, and hardwood floors. Not perfect for sound reproduction!

Any recommendations for the best type of carpet to use to help with the floors? Looking at a carpet between the speakers and the listening chair.

S0und Dragon

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Don't get a shag rug, I did and regret it very much. While I love the sound absorption qualities and the looks and feel of the rug. The constant clean up of the fibers is driving me insane. I would get an Oriental style rug if I had to do it all over again. Whichever rug you decide to go with, Invest in a decent under pad or slip padding. This is essential.


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Funny, as I was just going to suggest a shag rug. At least, kind of a low-to-medium pile one. I don't know if you remember PM the one that was in the back room at my place, the off white one. It was one of decent quality from Target, not their cheapest kind. It helped floor reflections in that room greatly when I had a system in it. Before it was just a big echo chamber with audible echoes if you clapped your hands in the room. I never had a problem with shedding on it, but have had that problem with others ones particularly one I got from Ikea. It shed so bad that my cat at the time would poop on the rug because he could scratch and cover it with carpet fluff, he thought it was the world greatest litter box. I have, since then, established a "No Ikea except for record shelves" policy in my house.


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In my experience, something thick/heavy works best. A thick pad underneath is also a really good idea imo.

Pat McGinty

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Felt pad is better than foam rebond, as thick as you can tolerate. If you have paintings on the walls, they're pretty much transparent so do little to diminish the reflection off the wallboard, but you can cut felt pad to fit in the voids inside the frames, behind the canvas.

Add upholstery. Dump the cocktail table for a couple of ottomans. Call the drapery lady, line the drapes.

Wall treatment. Many are idiotically priced. This stuff is pretty sane:

Believe it or not:

If all else fails, switch up to line arrays ;-)