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Maybe I'm inept but I couldn't find a blues thread in Tunes.
So, that being said, I'd like to start with my home town heroes - Downchild Blues Band and one of their more popular LPs Straight Up. The Blues Brothers sound track all started here.


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And apparently we're having blues night here this eve, so I'd like to introduce Etta James. Etta is my all time favorite blues singer and performer. I saw her live about 6 or 7 times and each experience was incredible.
There are so many good blues tunes, but this has been my favourite for more than fifty years. I bought the LP in Harrods record department when as a teenager, I was working in Knightsbridge in London. It still has the import licence stickers on it. I pretty much wore it out and replaced it with the CD decades ago.


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Starting tonight off with The Janitor Of The Blues - Dutch Mason. An east coast blues legend. (They actually called him the Prime Minister of The Blues to his face)



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Robert Lockwood Jr. - Delta Crossroads

Interesting album (DSD rip) as it's very traditional blues (mostly Robert Johnson songs) played straight-up on a 12-string acoustic by a great talent, on a very nice sounding modern recording.



For those interested in roots blues, I'd recommend "Big Mama's Door", a worthwhile debut by Alvin Youngblood Hart, and almost anything by the incredible Rory Block.

Happy trails,
Larry B.


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How did we let the Blues Thread slip from the top page?
Tonight, we're starting with Jimmy Witherspoon with Panama Francis and the Savoy Sultans. A fantastic album of trad blues and jazz tinged songs that goes well with food and drink.
He was an interesting singer that played with the big dogs including; Jimmy Rowles, Earl "Fatha" Hines, Vernon Alley, Mel Lewis, Teddy Edwards, Gerald Wiggins, John Clayton, Paul Humphrey, Pepper Adams, Kenny Burrell, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Jimmy Smith, Long John Baldry, Junior Mance, Ellington bassist Jimmy Woode, Kenny Clarke, Gerry Mulligan, Jim Mullen, Count Basie, Van Morrison, Dutch Swing College Band, Gene Gilbeaux. The list goes on.

Definitely worth looking for.




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And we are listening to a second JW album! I hadn't thought about it before but it seems that several of his albums are called "Sings the Blues" Who knew?
Different songs and different musicians but still great music!

"They call it stormy Monday but Tuesday's just as bad." - Shout it Jimmy!


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Kyle;n36643 said:
I like that it says "outside start" Just in case you have a CCW table.
These discs were issued to be played at impromptu broadcast stations and such like for forward deployed troops. The (Military Issue) portable turntables are extremely rare. I have seen one; but, it was a total wreck; physically broken and missing most of the ''works''. There was still no doubt it was ''broadcast'' quality.
Litnin Hopkins "GOIN AWAY"

Herbie Lovelle,,,,,,Drums
Leonard Gaskins.....Bass

Prestige Bluesville.
Recording 1963, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Release 1990

Reissue, Analog Productions
Limited Numbered Edition.
200G Pressing.