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Kyle;n30565 said:
Maybe I'm inept but I couldn't find a blues thread in Tunes.
So, that being said, I'd like to start with my home town heroes - Downchild Blues Band and one of their more popular LPs Straight Up. The Blues Brothers sound track all started here.
Good thread Kyle. I'll contribute to this certainly. playin' a Guy Clark ROIO @ the moment, but I'll follow it w/ some neely-acquired Pink Anderson material.


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slippers-on;n38035 said:
I had no idea Billie sang for Paul Whiteman! You know he made a claim he invented Jazz, back then, don't you?
@Kyle Yeah...but Buddy was still a bit syncopated with his music. Armstrong made them swing it with time. But yeah...its sad about Buddy Bolden.....losing his mind and all.


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Steve Earle (side A) - Robert Johnson (side B) ~ Terraplane Blues (2015, New West)