Bought a Hegel today

Tom Brennan

Junior Member
Bought a H-120 integrated today at Holm Audio in Downers Grove. I got a good price because the white ones aren't moving; guys prefer the black. But I prefer the white anyway. Holm is a good dealer.

Anyway the Marantz I was using simply wasn't up to snuff with my recently acquired Harbeths and now the system is in balance-- the Hegel is better in all regards, especially tone and clarity. Not a hint of "ear wire"--the sense that a wire is being twisted in your ear which in retrospect the Marantz was subject to. Bigger soundstage too, both deeper and wider. All is well. Nowhere to go now, not unless I buy a house and go back to Altecs. And the last thing I need in my dotage is a house--apartment living out here in Wheaton is very...pleasant.

That looks great and having had a Hegel on loan with Harbeths I know you’re in for good times. They share a lot of attributes.