Brood X - The Return.

We are pretty close, same county. :)

"Lai plans to serve his cicadas in their whole form — raw, roasted, smoked or boiled — primarily because that is how cultures like his own have enjoyed them."

I have one of these. A bombproof jitterbug that casts way farther.

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We missed most of Brood X but the larger annual cicadas have come out and, they're worse than the last large brood we had here over a decade ago. They're deafening right now. Bigger than the black/red-eyed 17 year variety, these little suckers make a racket. They were super loud last week and this week are even louder. I watched one fall out of the sky attempting to fly, like a kamikaze it headed straight for me and hit me in the head, chirping all the way down like it was either very confused or in distress from trying to fly in this mishapen ugly body too big for its wings.

I kind of like 'em- what a weird creature. They're not as nightmarish looking as the 17-year brooders.