FS Bunch 'O Nice Gear for Sale! Have a look...

For Sale
Well, fellow Havenites...time to clear out some nice gear I'm not using these days:

Rek-O-Kut S-160 Tonearm
in excellent condition. Original stereo head shell and GE VRII cartridge with new stylus. Mounted on a vintage TD124 armboard with Dexter arm lift.
Includes a Best Audio universal stereo head shell: the sliding "sled" has allowed me to correctly align a Denon 103 and a few others. Beautiful example of a classic...sounds massive on my TD124!

Asking $400 for the lot.

Elekit AU-879s Integrated Amp in excellent condition with a bunch of nice tubes. Amp has upgrades from the stock parts, but unsure of the specifics (there's a bag of the parts the builder swapped out). I liked the RCA 807s (on included adapters) and Telefunken 12ax7 "diamond base" best with my system, but there's plenty of output tubes here to roll. Full manuals and original packaging. A really nice SET (tetrode) integrated!

Asking $600 with all the tubes shown. SOLD


Elekit TU-8500 Preamp with MM/MC Phono. Upgraded with Mundorf caps. Like the above amp this is a super-clean build in like new condition.
Both were built by the first owner and sold to me after minimal use. Full manuals and original packaging. Sweet, high value preamp!

Asking $400 with original JJ 12AT7s. SOLD


Fidelity Research FRT-3 SUT. Clean example of this versatile MC transformer...the Bypass feature is handy for those with MC and MM carts.

Asking $250.


AR XA Turntable, Shure M97xE cart and new replacement head shell. Nice set of original AR manual and documents.
Clean example with crack-free dustcover. Arm rest is wobbly and the original head shell (broken finger lift) has a vintage Shure M91e (no stylus).
Works great and looks wonderful!

Asking $350.


Grado The Reference Cartridge. Had this a while, so lots of hours. Still sounds great, but not ideal for my heavy tonearm! This is the VPI designation TR, so I'd guess it would be great on a VPI arm. Jelco head shell NOT included.
Box, accessories and unsigned warranty card!

Asking $250.


Nagaoka MP-110 Cartridge. Less than 20 hours on this one.

Asking $100.


Monster Cable M1 15' pair. Nice condition, could use better terminations.

Asking $100.


Last but not least:

Ocellia Calliope 16 Speakers! Rare and lovely. Beautiful condition and ravishing sound...Asking $3000 plus shipping or $2800 picked up at my home.
PRICE REDUCED TO $2500 plus shipping and PP, or $2300 picked up at my home!


I would love to have a local buyer for the speakers, but can ship any of these items; buyer pays actual shipping and any fees.

Also have a Jolida JD-9 with upgrades and NOS Mullards, but I've used up all my available pics!
Asking $400.

Thanks for looking!


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Calliopes reduced to $2500 plus shipping and PP, or $2300 picked up at my home.
Make offers on the other stuff, too...it needs to move!
Will also consider trades for Altec speakers, vintage Ortofon arms, TD -124 arm boards, SPUs and of course...
Don Garber Y or Evolution preamps!