C.E.C. TL-2 plus Signet and SAEC.

The Accuphase has sold.

$300 price drop.
C.E.C. TL-2 cd transport. This is fully serviced by yours truly with a new OEM belt from C.E.C. Japan. Additionally, the laser trolley gears were cleaned and had new white grease applied, the trolley rails have been fully cleaned of the dried on grime (bearing too) and re-lubed with a recommended slightly heavier non-drying lube. Lens cleaned, and all points tightened.
Tested and perfect for 6 hours.
This last listed for $3,400.
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Beautiful amp. I run a E303x integrated from the same time period and while I don't love the pre section of it, the amp section is outstanding, and this should prove to be much better even. And class-A! Good luck, sure is tempting.
It is a very good amp. The dual class of operation flexibility is a plus. This one sounds as good on a large pair of 70’s JBL (Summit) as it does on a newer pair of Dynaudio (C1).

The TL-2 transport is also worth a look.

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As Tim already knows. If the CEC were in silver, I probably would have snagged it. As a transport, it is that good. And I already have a fine Transport and Dac for redbook.
Will ship east of the Mississippi for $75/30 (amp, cd). Discounted shipping to any target west of the Mississippi. Pick up is also welcomed.
Adding in a Signet TK-7LCa line contact cartridge with 70 hours or less. Original Boron or Be alloy cantilever with a good suspension. No sagging. $250.
SAEC ULS-3X headshell. It’s been repaired with acetate superglue, so it’s strong as can be. Tap test indicates a uniform tone, so it should be able to maintain performance parameters. Very nice leads included as well as shown hardware, which was tested to fit across the repair area with no hitches. Also repair will not show with hardware in place.
Normally these are in the $350 range, $200 for this.
If any prices seem out of line, shoot me a PM, otherwise indicate you want it here and we will go from there.

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That headshell is a must have for anyone running a SAEC Arm. Used mine with Jelco and LAD labled tonearms and it was a real solid headshell. Someone also please save me from buying that Signet.