Can we discuss high(er) end TT's with auto return etc??


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Anyone have strong feelings on the JVC-QLY7? Yeah its a servo arm but that's part of the mystique for me. There is one for sale semi local but the price is 1k and I'm having trouble figuring out if that's even within the ballpark of reasonable.


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depending on condition/cartridge, it seems in the ballpark of reasonable. esp given the risen/rising prices of good vintage tables. maybe offer $800?


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I can't tell what cartridge is on it, and can't figure out how to link to it from facebook marketplace.

I had about 800 in mind too. The cart doesn't look like anything particularly valuable but I am not sure.245210130_4024848360952615_8926417310719094717_n.jpg245585124_3835985276503855_7014530677013930210_n.jpg245878749_7004545722904110_6574113693911523511_n.jpg245909637_2989004657890646_1981800557450362868_n.jpg

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I’ve heard many good things about that JVC, and I almost ended up with one on a few occasions. Probably bought another Oracle instead. Anyhow, I’ve heard that they are lovely tables. But, I’ve never actually heard one, if you know what I mean. But, they have that most important of all turntable attributes. It’s pretty and shiny.
Here's another obscure Thorens - the TD524. It's a direct drive turntable with auto lift / auto stop at the end of the record. It's a close cousin to the EMT 938 turntable with the main differences being that the TD524 uses a Thorens TP16L tonearm instead of the EMT banana tonearm and adds variable pitch and the autolift function.


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anything special?
I preferred the one I had to a Goldring 1042. But maybe that’s more a comment on the goldring (that I’d used for years, it was pretty tired). Very nice cart for what it cost.