Cast aluminum 1005 multicellular horn.


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So, I've learned quite a bit about having designed and foundry casted the WP12027, 808, 805 and 32D horns. Using the best design elements and playing into the foundry's strengths, below is a design concept for a cast aluminum 1005. It's a three piece design. The body is similar to the 808 with two halves bolted together. There are two throat adapters being designed. One is for 1" drivers and the other is for 1.4" drivers. Either one will be designed with the expansion inspired the WE's patents used in the 31A and 32A horns - thought to improve HF performance. The 1005 is a beast with a total length of 22 inches (will play down to 300Hz - but, not recommended). It likely weighs a tad over 40 lbs each.


The cell mouths will not be squares as seen in most multicellular horns. They will be isosceles trapezoids. The idea is to minimize/eliminate the flat areas caused by the vertical splines. IMHO, there will be less distracting diffractions caused by the flat areas. The idea came from the mystery horn in the post below.

Just a design exercise to combine some of the lessons learned. Production is highly unlikely. Casting molds and tools will likely be very expensive due to the size. Given the current inflationary environment, these horns will likely be a bit over $2K a pair.
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Of all the 1.4 Altec Horns… I’ve been told this is THE best sounding… And the older tar filled are the best version.
The 1505’s certainly have an Uber cool look but it seems to me... that third row would send a lot of energy directly to the ceiling in a domestic setting.

This project may get the A5 cabinet out of moth balls in my basement.
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