Champagne Club Amplifiers

Ok, so here’s the really good stuff. The champagne club of amps, perhaps the end game for those who desire solid state front ends.

These Stax DMA-X2 are totally restored and at high cost due to hundreds of hours on them going over everything. Some faceplate scars from the life they lived after getting poorly serviced over a dozen years ago.
They are survivor class despite the amps getting worked on. All sourced parts came from all over the globe over a three year span. All spec’d as per the service manual and all from the same maker and era. Top-class Audio art. Inputs include RCA and XLR, pin 3 hot. Unused outputs can be switched off, there is also a level button for the XLR. Universal voltage, spade or bare wire only hookups with massive screw terminals. Or maybe your own hi end spade to banana thingy. Original serial matched boxes included. $18,5

MSB M203 monaural cylinder amps. A very smart form factor allows easy placement near to your speakers without stumbling over them. This also allows for chimney cooling, the whole outside is a heatsink (which is finished in a sound deadening coating to hold ringing down.) These amps can drive anything, power output starts at 200w (8) and doubles down to 2 ohms. Inputs include RCA and XLR. There is also the option to float ground on both ins. Speaker terminals are high class Cardas affairs which allow for spade or banana. One set of outputs per amp. One owner, MSB check up within the last two months. Crates and one cloth protection bag included. No power cables, you’ll want to experiment. $14,5.

Both of these mono amp sets retailed at $40k at a time when $1 was $2 or $3 today. The builds show it, there is no shortcutting anywhere.

Each set weighs about 220 pounds per.
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Dayum......Thats all I got. Those MSBs are vaporware. Though admittedly, it would be the Stax for me.
NRG A-201S. The Krell killer, 150 pounds of class A modern MOSFET glory. 200 watts per channel, nearly 1600 into one ohm. This one has been fully restored, with some original trouble spots updated to be as reliable as a Japanese design. It needs absolutely nothing, it was done by the same outfit which restored the Stax amps above.
$9k new. It comes with a digital copy of the unobtainable service manual.
$4.5k. It has also been converted to 110v, and can be converted to any other voltage under the hood. Pics are pre-restore.
More NRG pics. The amp is pretty much flawless, which is a feat for something this large and heavy with this type of heat sink. 6401D271-0737-4D95-B1C6-8443A4A29241.jpeg6D27BD80-E5B5-48FF-AE89-71E83A673DBB.jpeg2752C217-C12D-438A-8E4D-2695196890E2.jpegEC98037A-2EEF-48CC-B957-D971BD8640EC.jpegD73B7F63-59DD-4437-A50E-BFAD737FC5B7.jpeg4CF48B46-24B6-408F-BF3D-EAC350259399.jpeg