Chicago Area/Southern WI - An Audio Oriented Get-Together

Should anyone be interested, please let me know. Saturday, February 22, 2020, 1 PM, Paddock Lake, WI. Paddock Lake is roughly half-way between Kenosha and Lake Geneva on State Hwy 50. It's about 45 minutes north of the north suburbs of Chicago.

Folks from that other site will be attending as well as I've hosted somewhat yearly events with them since 2006 or so. I've still got a 16 pound beagle nicknamed "Killer" to keep the peace should the vintage vs. modern debate get out of hand.......

It's all about audio anyway but more about socializing/camaraderie. Post here or message me if you are interested.

My two-story garage, the site of the party, is comfortably furnished and fully heated this year.

I'll serve a meal, bring your own beverage of choice and a small snack or dessert to share.

Oh, and some audio equipment too.......
I'm new around these parts but I would like to come. Nothing super interesting to bring but I just finished restoring some JBL 4301Bs if anyone cares to hear them.
marty and Prime Minister,

I've responded to each of you with an address. Hope you both and any others interested can make it.


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I won't be in town for that weekend. Next week is Valentines/Presidents Day so it got me. Sorry.


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WOW, WOW!! I’m very sorry I missed this get together. What an excellent sound room, uh palace.


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Ironically, I missed it by 1 day, as I had to drive BACK to Detroit while the party was on.
I'm shooting for next year though!
Probably had 45 attendees. I invited the sister and friend of a longtime attendee who passed away last summer so that we could raise a toast in his honor. I gave her a whistle to blow when she was ready for the toast but unbeknownst to me once the group quieted down everyone turned to me to deliver the toast. I was able to mumble a few heartfelt words but it was touching nonetheless. Here's a pic of that toast. 87283875_10220148332152823_2211014031148318720_n.jpg