Classical Records...What do I have?


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I am not a student of classical music. That being said, I have a great admiration and appreciation of classical pieces and those who perform it. In my gathering of wayward records, I acquired a few classical pieces. All of which I know nothing. Please forgive my ignorance but if you would please comment on the photos and tell me, are they keepers or donations.



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The two 78 rpm albums (2nd and 3rd places) do not show the performers on the cover. Could you please provide more information? The rest are decent recordings, with two exceptions: the Chopin box (Vox recordings) has some pieces played by Guiomar Novaes. Those recordings are considered among the great ones. The ones performed by Ingrid Haebler are also wonderful. The Ormandy recording is also a great one, with the Philadelphia Orchestra in superb form. The sound quality of all the recordings is not great (including the unknown 78 rpm ones). The Rachmaninov LP probably has the best sound quality of them all.