Claymore Inca Tech upgrades and your thoughts.


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ss 1 With Hitachi H-Pak FET's, these become obsolete. Fitted with a MC stage I was not happy with so scraped it.
Iss 2 With Toshiba MOS FET's but still no MC stage
Iss 3 As Iss but with a plug in feature for MC stage
Iss 4 Upgraded to a better Toshiba MOS FET's
Iss 5 As above but now fitted with Elna Audio caps
Iss 6 As above but with built in MC stage.

What the upgrade gives you and your Claymore.
All electrolytic capacitor upgrade to 105C from 85C
The 4 main PSU caps Upgraded from 4,700uf each to 10,000uf each
The signal path capacitors upgrade for bi-polar caps
The 4 3Amp diodes in the PSU upgrades to 6Amp diode with a lower Vf
The bright Red LED changed to Green
All 4 MOS FET's from 8 Amp and RdsOn of 1.8R changed for 25Amp+ at 50mR device and rated at 150W each and not 100W max.
All other duff parts such as Volume, Selector switch and other sundry such as hardware are also fixed.

Post and packing are up to you but I will want them packed very well.
You well also need to pay for collection and thus insurance.

now read a few come backs.
From Saul north London

t has a rather lush enjoyable space around bass lines.. more 'headroom' if understand the phrase correctly.

The image feels large and relaxed. It feels less muddier, it's a very enjoyable listen..

It's driving a pair of discontinued quirky Canadian theile cs1.5 speakers that partner really well. (I bought the theiles after demoing them on your amp.. before the upgrade..


Your Q20 power is run from an Audio note entry level valve pre which I somehow I preffered into my Lintons for jazz stuff. The Q20 shares your signature sound though..

I did demo your Q20 once through an AS2 Japanese - fidelity research - super expensive passive pre.. that had a great rich vibe.

Only other amp for comparison is a pre Luna ec34 valve which has a very warm midrange running a pair of weird dwell Omni obelix speakers. (Am going off this set up now..)

I'd love to hear your M50 combo? Do let me know anyone who has a London set up and would be up for giving me a listen.

I look forward to the plug in MC..

Thanks again..