Cleaning out my Audio closet sale.

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Well. I am trying to motivate myself to put up some stuff for sale. I could use both the room and the replenishment of my poor fun fund account which is running at quite a deficit. I will take pictures of all items during the week and can provide pictures upon request if an item garners interest. I am open to reasonable offers.

1. A Yaqin VK-2100. Hybrid amp. Uses Chinese 6N1 tubes in the preamp section and puts out 80 watts. Sounds way better than it should. Has run a cushy life in my work office playing background music. I took off the cover to roll some tubes and in the process misplaced the screws. They were standard screws available at any hardware store. (How about $175.) Sold


2. Mission MS-50 in Honey Maple. These are just wonderful little bookshelf speakers. Very versatile and just really decent sound. Clean too with grills. $50.

3. Sony DA5000es receiver 7.1 Channels. 120 Watts. Sounds pretty decent. Would keep it but I haven't set up my Home theater in the almost year I have been here and I think this unit deserves to be used. I am the original owner and this unit has not been used all that much. I have one of the remotes but the original stopped working and I use a Harmony remote which duplicated all of the functions. Pretty clean all around and living room presentable. $150 Shipped in the 48.


4. Sony NS9100es DVD player. Bought this to use while I was trying to decide what to do with my ailing x777es. Helps that I already had the above-mentioned components which were all part of the same lineup. Purchased here on AK and it has served me well. Has a lot of life left and deserves to be in someone's main rig for sure. Sounds great on SACD which is what it primarily does/did here. And it has a pretty silver face that matches vintage gear! $200 OBO. Will split the shipping costs on this Item.

5. Sony DVP S9000es DVD Player. This was one of three of these players that I owned at one time. This one was my spare and has seen very little use by me. Probably one of the better sounding DVD players sony made with audio in mind. A lot has been written about this unit. ($125 OBO). SOLD

6. Dual 506 turntable. Has a weird splotch on the dust cover like glue or paint. Came to me as a package deal and it is untested. The platter spins is the best I can tell you. Its silver and not the wood veneer version if that helps. Has an ADC QLM MK III on it but the stylus while present is untested by me. It’s what was mounted on it when I got it. $70 To AK as a donation for the server. Send me proof of donation and I will ship it to you. Conus only.


7. Technics SL-1600. In decent shape. Keeps speed and plays manually just fine. Light scratches on this and swirls on the dust cover. Still very presentable. Typical wonky arm return could use a little service before returning to daily use. Thinking new belts which are readily available. Worth the effort but I am all set with tables so this should find a good home. $150

* lowered prices. Will keep this going through the weekend before moving on to the auction site*

** Cleaned up the thread. Removed sold items. Will be adding more after a trip to the Storage Locker! Please be mindful that Turntables will require a bit more time and material to ship. **
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