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This is a followup to my recent inquiry in the Doorway Turntable thread. I settled on my first turntable and I thought some here might find it interesting. I am posting this in a separate thread because a) I don’t know enough about turntables to be recommending anything, Doorway or otherwise, b) this comes with zero warranty and support, and c) availability is probably limited to whatever supplies remain. But for those who are okay with those caveats and are considering something along the lines of one of the lower priced Doorway turntable options, this is another option you might want to consider as it is currently available at a nice discount. Or maybe not, if others chime in here with reasons not to consider it - which I welcome, even though it’s too late for me. :)

So, with the disclaimers out of the way… I settled on a Como Audio Turntable. If you have never heard of this company (as was the case for me), it was founded by Tom DeVesto and they offered compact audio systems. They shut their doors earlier this year (an article I read cited that was related to supply chain issues).

From what I have read, they partnered with Pro-Ject to produce this turntable. The model I settled on comes with an Ortofon OM 10 cartridge, Pro-Ject aluminum tonearm, steel platter which seems to have a good amount of weight to it, and walnut veneered MDF plinth (also available in hickory and piano black). Although many of the images out there show it without a dust cover, it does come with one. This model comes with a built in preamp and bluetooth. The bluetooth is implemented via a separate module with its own power switch, so you can just leave that turned off if you don't want bluetooth. I suspect it is probably possible, without too much difficulty, to bypass its audio electronics if you don’t want the preamp either. I may eventually explore that if I decide vinyl is for me and that I want to stick with this turntable. I do like it so far, but this is also my first turntable.

The seller I bought it from claims this turntable is loosely based on the Pro-Ject T1 platform. I don't know if that is the case or not, but it does seem plausible (a number of the parts / details look the same or at least very similar, comparing mine to T1 photos).

A lesser model is also available that comes with an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge and piano black finish. It also comes with a preamp, but no bluetooth.

Search on eBay US and you can find them listed new for $250 and $200, respectively, with free shipping. The listings are open to offers; so who knows, maybe you can get one for even less. :)