Confessions of a Vinyl Heretic


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i guess i will have to await some cheap secondhand digital phono then
Got the system at work put together last night, and a batch of vinyl in today. Gonna be a late night :)

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That is a really beautiful SP-10! As an aside, that is a Boltz rack, right? I have the same one, albeit in much more worn condition, with one more shelf than yours. It’s quite a sturdy piece of furniture.


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Yep, that's Boltz. Was struggling to find something for the office that was simple, fit the decor, and wasn't expensive. In that setup the 'crossover' DSP and amp were on the other side of the room so I went with two shelves instead of three. It was behind my desk so it fit in better being less tall.

It's now at the house and I've added the third shelf. I also had to flip the lower uprights so the amps would fit, though I'll be changing this again soon. It does move a bit due to the C shape of the base, though that can be fixed by blocking to the floor. Regardless, it doesn't make a bit of difference in use so I haven't bothered.



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I built the LX-521's above at the end of 2014. They've been in storage for the last four years due to room size constraints. A few weeks ago I combined the woofer enclosure with the LX mini (the plumbing) which is called the LX Studio. Much better bass. I decided to try the full LX-521.4 setup, though I've serious doubts they'll perform well in such a small room. If they don't I'll go back to the LX Studio configuration for now.

Either way I'd always intended to move the amps out of the equipment rack to shorten the speaker wires. The longest run was 30'. I've the AHB2 on low gain and have modified the Okto DAC8 DSP to output a bit over +24dBu, ~12V at max level. That with the Canare Star Quad should be a walk in the park for a 30' balanced line level run.


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Back to vinyl for a bit. I have the launch brochure for this cartridge from the end of '82, but aside from one picture on a Japanese blog somewhere I've never seen one in the wild, anywhere. For quite awhile I thought the p-mount version of this one may not have ever really existed. Today that changed:


Bummer I've several more hours of call to do before I can try it out...