Coph Nia MC Phono Preamp

John Frum

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Looking for the quietest MC cartridge presentation you’ve ever heard? Inky black backgrounds await!

This dual-mono MC phono preamplifier is from Sweden, and originally retailed for $1295. Input impedance is adjustable via internal DIP switches to 47, 100, 470, 1000, 4700, or 47K ohms.

Cosmetic condition is generally good, except for a blemish on the edge of the faceplate that I’ve touched up with Birchwood Casey Super Black. It’s not noticeable from your listening position, I promise.

$275 (price drop) shipped to US lower 48. Slightly more shipped elsewhere. Comes with generic power cord.

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Damn, I'm tempted to buy this, even though I'm running a Soundsmith MI cartridge right now and don't need it. I owned one of these for quite a while ... hell, this could even be the same one for all I know. There's not that many of them around. I've owned quite a few phono preamps, and this was one of the better ones, for sure. Quit tempting me...