Hello.. I have a CT-F650 that I in the process of restoring. I am having an issue with one of the belt pulleys. It's the wheel that goes on the follower plate. I am assuming it should rotate freely? Mine is pretty stiff and kind of locked up. I took it apart and there is a spring and a plastic spring retainer. I looked at the shaft portion that the insert goes in and it looks cracked. Wondering if this is supposed to be like this. I would imagine that being cracked, the piece that inserted into the end of that shaft is pushing that out and it is too tight in the hole to turn freely. Not sure what the spring and all that is for. The next question is going to be where in the heck do I get a replacement?wheel 2_LI.jpgwheel 1.jpg
“Markthefixer” on the Audiokarma website was fixing these, iirc. He was replacing the cracked portion with a brass sleeve. Not sure if he’s still doing the repair or not.


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The part is likely a press-fit,. Nylon is hydro-philic. The water is not a part of the plastic, but it is a part of the matrix. As the water departs, the plastic wants to shrink. If it cannot, for whatever reason, it will crack. In your case, you will need a part from a parts unit. I would set up a search on eBay, that will notify you, via email, when parts come up, There is no reliable adhesive to correct the issue.

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