Discogs Curious or does anyone have experience selling on Discogs?


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I have been entering some old CDs & SACDs into my collection at Discogs and actually have been surprised at some of the 'supposed' value of discs. Even looking at recent sale prices on the lower side of the spectrum has been surprising.

At the very least I am now seeing what my fifty cent CDs are and what my ten dollar CDs are. (some SACD prices are unbelieveable)

Before I post any for sale, I am wondering what the pros and cons of selling there are?

One person told me to drastically overprice overseas shipping in an attempt to try to cut down on that, but he said most of his sales have been easy without too many asshats.
I've sold a handful of things in Discogs - have yet to have a bad experience. I've sold overseas once or twice, no hiccups yet.