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I've been adding LP's as I play them for a while now. Getting serious about reorganizing, culling, and cataloging the collection. Working backwards from Z. Anyway figured out that Artists are sorted by first name.. So I would like Frank Zappa with the Z's and not the F's. At first I was thinking of just ordering the LP's as Discogs list them. Now I'm thinking of making individual folders for each letter. I got Z-X done this weekend Before I get much further would like to figure this out. Any suggestions.
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I have always organized my albums by first name so the Discogs way worked for me. I do have my albums in catagories by Genre though.


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I go by last name for solo artists, but regular name for groups. So Jack White would be next to The Who (for example). On the other hand, you end up with situations like 'Nick Drake' being next to 'Drake' which could be a good thing or a bad thing (I don't actually have any Drake, but just pointing out possible shortcomings). I also use an Excel spreadsheet on OneDrive for my record collection (although I really need to get all my inherited classical music in there...and at some point CDs). Discogs is more for approximate valuation for insurance purposes...and to ensure I don't buy multiple copies of something due to my notorious bad memory.


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I've got Jazz and Blue separated from everything else with regards to Genre. Had Everything else split Chronologically spit 70's and older and 80's and newer. Combining those first. Thinking separate folders for each letter will work for what I want.

Want some kind of valuation or my wife if something ever happened. Also to know if, or if not, I own something before buying another copy. Also finding and refiling and LP. I tend to have piles of records that need to be put away.


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Hey Mike. I organize my stuff by last name for titles with the artist's name but if a group name then by the first word in the title. So The Great Jazz Trio goes in the "G" section while Dave Brubeck goes in the "B"s. I thought about doing the way Discogs does their database but I often don't remember the artist's first names and it makes no sense for me to organize things that way - you'd have a huge section under the "J"s for instance. It is easy to search by last name in Discogs but also on my shelves. I do add a note in the notes section for special cases such as:

so that this album is filed under Pepper.
I rarely can't find an album that Discogs says I have within a few seconds. I have a small section for albums like:


I occasionally have trouble when, for instance, Scott Hamilton and Buddy Tate join up. I just decided to use the last name of the first listed artist. This system works close to perfectly and all my records go into Discogs as I purchase them of in the case of the backlog, as I clean them.