DIY Interconnects

I've used DH Labs Silver Sonic cable with pretty good results, using Neutrik ProFi RCAs on either end. I have since moved up in cables but no longer consider DIY since to me, the cost savings isn't worth the time and bother anymore. If I did, though, I'm more a fan of copper litz wire and copper RCAs on either end (like the KLEI or ETI Research products).
Please quit reminding me that my Monster M1000 MK3 interconnects with the Neutrik ProFi connectors made by Doug Oade (OADE BROTHERS AUDIO Field Recording Experts, Roland, Tascam, Marantz, Fostex, digital field recorders) were swiped. Those things had sentimental value as the Oades got me started in DAT. They cloned me 10 of their lesser circulating masters and from those 10 DATs (major tradebait) I ended up with somewhere bw 2500 and 3000. So no more mentioning Neutrik Pro Fi connectors, mmmay. :)


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My impression is that the helical wound silver wire has the most extended treble. But I'd be hard pressed to pick it out over time in a blind test
I've built a number of DIY recipes.
My two favorites are
1) VH-Audio fine silver wire using his cotton insulated wire spiraled around his foamed teflon tubing. Silver Interconnect
2) VH-Audio using his V-Twist V-Twist
I like these RCAs as they are easy to solder, low mass and have a nice grommet strain relief. KLE
My other go to RCAs are the Neutrik Pro-Fi RCAs. Pro-Fi

I do not have bat like hearing so there are probably subtleties that are lost on me.
I use the V-twist with Furutech low-mass RCA connectors: not crazy expensive and perform well. I also have high purity soft-annealed silver in teflon tube with Absolute Harmony connectors: nice, but different. Should put 'em back in the system for a listen one day.
Add me to list of Duelund recommendations. I just replaced some expensive boutique speaker/interconnects with my own DIY with Duelund tinned copper wire. VERY happy.

Been using the KLEI copper RCA connectors. I feel they are a good balance of performance and costs.

PartsConnexion is close to the border and they ship out of Niagara Falls. It never hits Canada Post (when shipping to US)
I've had good luck with some RCA connectors on ebay that are very similar to the KLEI but about 1/2 the price. Search ebay for "Star Line Silver Plated Tellurium Copper RCA Plug". In some rather informal comparisons, they sounded as good or better than the KLEI plugs.
Holy smokes! I placed a Parts Connexion order yesterday morning and just received it. Ontario, Canada to New Mexico, USA in approx. 26 hours. Needless to say, I'm very impressed.

Thanks to all of you who recommended this place.


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They have really upped their game. Only issue is sometimes they seem to require a signature which I hate. Not always though.
Good supplier all the way around.
Holy smokes! I placed a Parts Connexion order yesterday morning and just received it. Ontario, Canada to New Mexico, USA in approx. 26 hours. Needless to say, I'm very impressed.
What was the courier company? PC is about one hour away by car from me, but it still can still take a few days for packages to reach me. For shipping within Canada, PC only offers Canada Post.
I just placed an order Monday night, and with $1 UPS Worldwide saver, it's out for delivery today. (order was $170 to qualify for shipping credits)
My DIY interconnects recipe: less is more!

Kleimann low mass / one point connection plugs combined with PTFE / ETFE insulated wire. In most cases, shielding is not required and would only corrupt some of the sound improvements made.

KISS: keep it short and simple!

Oehlbach vs JM.jpg
Pic 1: my 1st attempt using Kleimann plugs combined with ETFE insulated copper litz wire, in direct comparison with a neighbour's 600 Euro Oehlbach interconnects.

Pic 2: my 2nd attempt using solid core silver in PTFE tubes, preliminary measurements.

Both cables clearly outperform the Oehlbach shown in the 1st pic, both regarding L / C measurements as well as listening tests.

I combined these solid core silver wires with Kleimann pure silver plugs. These are not cheap, so total cost of material added up to about 100 Euros for a 0.5 meter pair. Solid core copper would cut total cost by about 50 %, and I doubt that the difference would be audible - I did not try this approach, though.